The Beauty & Art of Chloe Sherman-Pepe


As a photographer Chloe Sherman-Pepe stretches the limit of her imagination to capture both the beauty and eccentricity of reality, as well as create her own world from something more personal and far more fantastical.  This otherworldly tone is exhibited in her on-going collection “Bellatrix”.
Since graduating with a BFA in Photography from The University of the Arts, she has apprenticed under acclaimed photographer Robert Asman, worked as a teaching assistant at UARTS for an alternative processing class, was a gallery assistant at Meltem Birey Gallery, curated shows, and worked as a staff photographer and assistant photo editor for Family Focus Media.  Currently, Chloe runs her own company focusing on portrait photography as well as behind the scenes photography for films.

This young woman’s work has been included in several galleries, photography collections, and magazines, including the collection “A Book About Death” (MOMA permanent collection), and The Free Library of Philadelphia (ongoing collection). She is known for her portraiture, fashion photography, fine art, and motion picture set documentation. Accolades include Top College Photographers of 2010, Photographer’s Forum Magazine; Print Center Award (2009); Promising Artist Award Scholarship from UARTS.
In addition to Chloe’s passion for photography, she enjoys painting, and writing poetry.  With her carpentry skills, she and her husband built their own home of her design in rural Pennsylvania.